Make Reservations

Instructions for making reservations for
Arcadian Glendi, October 14, 2017

To make reservations online, please send an email to: and specify the following:
Your name, address, phone number, email, the names of all the guests who will be attending, also, how many children age 12 or under are included among your guests, and the choice of meal for each guest.
DO NOT include any Credit Card information until you receive the invoice from us through PayPal

Note: We do not mail out tickets.  You will receive a confirmation of your reservation and your name will be on the paid list at the door.  You will be given your meal ticket at the door.

The cost for Adults is $75
The cost for all children under 12 is $30

When you receive your invoice from us through PayPal, then you have to decide if you pay by PayPal or by Credit Card.

If you have a PayPal account, please log in to your account and click the “Send Money” tab. Then, specify the email address as: and indicate the total dollar amount for  your reservations in the “Amount” box.

This email address will direct the money to the San Francisco Arcadians chapter #35 account.
We will send you an acknowledgement after we receive the money.

Note:  No tickets will be mailed out.  You will only receive a confirmation and your name will be on the list at the door as paid.  We do not issue tickets. You will receive your meal ticket at the door.

If you have no PayPal account and wish to make reservation with your Credit Card, please respond to the invoice by following the PayPal instructions for paying by your Credit Card.
Again, we will email you an acknowledgement.

PayPal is a Google subsidiary and is one of the most secure payment systems because your Credit Card information is not seen or touched by any human being.

For any questions or help on the Credit Card or PayPal process please contact :
Ted Laliotis: (650) 948-5705

If you wish to reserve by mailing a check, please mail your check and include all the information requested above, to the following address:

Joan M. Peponis-Rinde
550 Sapphire St,
Redwood City, CA 94062

You may contact Joan at: (650) 369-6383